“Tears and Tequila is a page-turning story filled with unique characters, whose adventures reveal the true nature of grief: painful and sad, yes, but also marked by humor, irreverence and, ultimately, transformation” — Hope Edelman, author, Motherless Daughters

Jo-Ann and I are so incredibly pleased to have the amazing Hope Edelman share such a positive review for our new novel, Tears and Tequila.

This is a very special week for Hope. Her groundbreaking book, Motherless Daughters, is commemorating its 20th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, Hope has put together The Motherless Daughters 20th Anniversary Conference, a special one-time gathering this Sunday, May 10 of 120 motherless daughters with some of the most well-known thought leaders in the field for a day of support, healing, and growth. Not surprisingly, the event, to be held in Marina Del Rey, CA, has completely sold out—though anyone interested can attend in spirit through the Motherless Daughters Conference Facebook Page or at the conference website, linked above.

For those who may not already know of Hope’s wonderful book, Motherless Daughters discusses the effect on a girl’s life of losing her mother too soon, and the emotional toll that come along with losing such an important role model and source of emotional support. In the book, Hope cites a long list of women achievers who lost their mothers at a young age—a fascinating mix that includes Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Parker, the the Brontë sisters, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna.

In the 20 years since the publication of Motherless Daughters in 1994, literally millions of women (and quite a few men, too) have benefitted from Hope’s wise words.

Congratulations to Hope and to all in the Motherless Daughters community who serve as beacons of hope, inspiration and renewal.