Tears and Tequila co-author Linda Schreyer

Tears and Tequila co-author Linda Schreyer

Linda SchreyerAuthor
Linda Schreyer is a music composer, television/screenwriter, published author and writing teacher. She graduated from New York University and The School of Visual Arts, studying electronic music with Steve Reich and Phillip Glass and began her entertainment career as a composer of film scores. She continued as a Clio Award nominated jingles writer for General Foods, Coty Perfume, Lady Stetson, Xerox, Chrysler, Caloric Kitchens, L’Eggs, Heinz, Jello and more. She also wrote “When the Heats Hits the Streets” for Laura Branigan (“Hold Me” album.)

In the late 1980s her career as a writer shifted to words instead of music. Since then she has written over 1,000 hours of serial television. She has held staff writing positions on Port Charles, Sunset Beach (for which she received a Writers Guild Award nomination), General Hospital and The Bold and The Beautiful. She co-wrote/produced the television movie A Place at The Table (NBC), starring Danny Glover, David Morse, Susan Dey and Lukas Haas (for which she received a Christopher Award and an Ollie Award) and A House of Secrets and Lies (CBS), starring Connie Sellecca and Kevin Dobson. She co-wrote the original feature-length screenplay, Ohmigod! for Touchstone Productions.

In 2004 she traveled to Moscow for Sony Pictures Television International where she wrote for the series, Poor Anastasia, Sins of the Father and created Dear Masha for Russian television. She also taught a team of Russian writers how to write for serial television. She received a grant from the Austrian Ministry of Culture to write The Goldsmith’s Daughter, a play-in-progress about her family in pre-war Vienna.

She has mentored countless writers to completion of their books, taught classes since 1995 and conducted large writing workshops for organizations. Her books include, From Cowboy to Mogul to Monster, a biography of producer Mark Damon. Tears and Tequila (with Jo-Ann Lautman) is her first novel. You can find more about Linda at at her IMDB profile.


Tears and Tequila co-author Jo-Ann Lautman

Tears and Tequila co-author Jo-Ann Lautman

Jo-Ann LautmanAuthor
Jo-Ann Lautman was born in Los Angeles, where she now lives in the home built by her grandparents in 1936. A true Angeleno, she has been involved with many local organizations, including the Skirball Cultural Center, MOCA, Women in Health, Los Angeles Children’s Museum, and is a member of the Board of Governors of Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Jo-Ann was educated at Boston University and Marymount College, where she majored in Sociology and Education. She focused on the Psycho-social Treatment of Hospice Patients and their Families at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Continuing on this theme and developing her passion, she ran groups in the Parenting Center at Stephen S. Wise Temple, which subsequently created a Bereavement program, thus combining her specialized education and singular abilities in this area. In 1980 the first group for “Young Widows and Widowers” was established. It has grown enormously over the years, and has been followed by other groups focusing on the various aspects of grief at all ages.

With time Jo-Ann realized that grief needed its own venue…a safe haven where there were no ties to any organization or establishment, so in 1993 she founded OUR HOUSE, the first ever free-standing Grief Support Center. The center caters to everyone from 4 to 94, encompassing the entire age span of the family.

Now, in 2014, there are Grief Support Centers all over the world.

Jo-Ann’s work has been recognized in numerous publications, including The Los Angeles Times, The Jewish Journal, Time Magazine, People. In 1998 she received the National Philanthropy Award from the Spirit of Giving organization, and in 2002 she received the Vision in Philanthropy Award from the Our House Grief Support Center.

Tears and Tequila, written with Linda Schreyer, is Jo-Ann’s first novel.